Pursing Destiny


Promise Land Baptist Church


The vision and goal of Promise Land Baptist Church is to preach, teach, reach, keep and produces the gospel to the spiritually and economically poor;; the brokenhearted; those who are in spiritual, emotional, physical and financial captivity; to give sight to the spiritually blind; and those who have been emotionally wounded and bruised by life's battles.

This ministry seeks to provide food for the hungry, drink to those who are thirsty, housing for the stranger, clothing for the naked, and give visitation to the sick and imprisoned.  As Jesus reached out to those who were in despair and destitute, it is our vision to reach out to the drug addicted, homeless, hungry, unwed parent(s), rejected, and those who have lost hope in life.  Proclaiming God first, all of liife's ills can be healed.  Scripture Reference:  Luke 4:18; Matthew 25:35-36; Matthew 6:33.

It is clear to all that our "vision statement" tells what we believe and value.  Promise Land's written vision statement also deals with who will benefit from our ministries and programs.  And finally, based upon the Word of God, our "vision statement" provides the guidelines for the types of ministries and programs that must be developed to fulfill the incarnate vision of Jesus Christ and minister to the needs of the person.